Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

Why Go

The capital Phnom Penh is shaking off the country's turbulent past and striving for a new vibrant future. New shopping malls are popping up, French colonial buildings being restored and stylish international restaurants line the riverfront. This all collides with grimy back streets, street food stalls and hectic markets, with the grand Royal Palace bedrock through the changing years. Somehow, this mishmash works. You can gain an understanding of the Khmer Rouge's impact with a visit to the infamous and moving killing fields. A relatively recent and disturbing reminder of what humanity is capable of. At night you can step back to the future into city's bar and club scene, although not massive there's enough for a good night out.

Why Not

It’s much smaller than some of the big sprawling metropolis’ such as Bangkok, so doesn’t have the same frenzy of things going on.

How Long

Phnom Penh has plenty of things to keep you entertained for a couple of days and a good place to gain an understanding of Cambodia's rich history.

To Go!

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Map of South Cambodia

South Cambodia-Map

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