Russian Market

The Russian Market or Phsar Tuol Tompuong, this bustling market sells just about everything; clothes, souvenirs, crafts, fresh food, antiques, material, engine parts, fridges... You get the idea. It's a huge market and walking through its tight passageways amidst its wild variety of goods is half the fun, shopping being the other half. You can pick up all sorts of souvenirs and just about anything you were in need of here. Unless you were in need of somewhere quiet with air-con, you won't find that here. If you were wondering about the name, a lot of Soviets used to live and shop here in the 1980's, simple as that. The market also sells lots of silver, precious stones, etc., claiming authenticity; a great deal of it isn't despite their reassuring signs. So our advice is unless you know what you're looking at, just pay what you think its worth, without its 'precious' value. There are also various bits of designer clothes around, plenty copies but some are genuine factory seconds, again just pay what you think its worth. A great thing about this Asian market (and others in Cambodia) compared to some nearby country counterparts, is that they do not hassle you. Although you will still need to haggle for a bargain< price. If the heat gets too much or hunger strikes, there are plenty of coffee shops and eateries around the outside of the market. A tuk-tuk from Phnom Penh will be around $4 to the market. *TIP* - The market does get sweltering, so going early morning can be good if you want to avoid the oven of early afternoon. *TIP* - Also you will lose your bearings inside, so make a mental note of some of the buildings outside before you head in. Then if you get truly lost just exit and walk around the outside until you find where you want to be. Especially useful if your tuk-tuk driver is waiting for you outside! Address: Corner of Street 163 and Street 444, Phnom Penh

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