Ko Chang

Botaurus stellaris

of Ko Chang

“Elephant Island” has white powder sand beaches lapped by beautiful clear waters, with a mountainous lush rainforest interior. With its mix of backpacker party places, peaceful fishing villages, high-end resorts and everything else in between, Thailand’s second largest island has something for everyone. Despite being well on the package tour map the island still manages to retain its remote rugged feel. Nearly all of the beaches are on the west coast and vary in what they offer. While they might not quite meet the mind-blowing levels of some of Thailand’s south coast islands, they are still awesome. Take a look the beaches highlight page to see which is best for you. The island also boasts plenty of activities for those looking for more than basking in the sun on a beautiful beach; there’s some fantastic hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and a wealth of great waterfalls to explore. The jungle interior is bursting with wildlife, venturing in you will hear (and hopefully see) macaques, tropical birds and many other creatures. If you are heading to/from Cambodia, Ko Chang is definitely worth a visit.

Map of East Thailand

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