Why Go

The big reason to go to Banlung is to go on a trek in the immense Virachey National Park. Very few tourists make it here to explore its lush jungle, rolling hills and rivers cutting through it, making the area a great bit of unexplored wilderness. If you’re looking for a 3 to 7 day trekking adventure off the beaten path, this is for you! There are also some good 1 and 2 day treks around the area, which can include a homestay at an indigenous village.

Why Not

The provincial capital of Banlung is a small quiet town with very little going on. If you’re not going trekking, there’s not much to speak of to keep your attention.

To See

The nearby clear water crater lake is perfect for a refreshing dip, along with a few waterfalls to visit in the area.

How Long

If Banlung is simply a transit stop between north Cambodia and Sen Monorom, one night will be probably be enough unless you are going on a trek in the area.

To Know

The Ratanakiri province covers the region to the northeast of Cambodia bordering with Laos and Vietnam. It is partly characterised by its red dirt roads and areas where logging has really taken its toll. The place can be a bit of a dust bowl when dry, and a mud pit when wet.

Map of North East Cambodia

North East Cambodia-Map