Thonburi is the region west of the Chao Phraya River where friendly noodle vendors cruise around the khlongs (canals) that span the area, bicycles are still a popular mode of transport, rickety old wooden homes line the streets, in fact some postal addresses are on the khlongs. Think of this area as the leafy suburbs where granny lives, away from the hustle and bustle east of the river. The main tourist attraction on this side of the river is Wat Arun on the river bank, but you can easily appreciate the area by taking a lovely wonder through the streets from Wat Arun towards Wang Lang Market, highly recommended! Through the daytime, it is easy to get across from the Old Town on the east side via one of the many boat services. After the boats stop running at around 8pm the primary mode of transport is via one of the bridges which can equal a long journey. It’s a great place to visit but not really to stay in.

Map of Bangkok