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Mastering The Chao Phraya River Service


The Chao Phraya River is the primary artery that flows through Bangkok and a fair few of Bangkok’s big tourist attractions are near its banks. There is a great boat service that stops at or nearby several of these attractions. It can be a really useful cheap way of getting around the city, especially once you know how the service operates. The boats that service the river are all long boats with two distinct service types, the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat and the Chao Phraya Express Boat. The tourist boat ticket allows unlimited trips per day for B150 and comes every 30mins with limited stops. The express boats cost around B12 per trip (depending on distance) and come frequently. So unless you think you’re going to make over 10 trips and like waiting at piers, there really buy your ticket on the boat, both are fine. The express boats have 4 different services distinguished by what colour flag it has on the roof, or no flag for the local boat. Each of the ports is numbered (eg. N8). If you check what number you are heading to its easy to ask somebody on the pier or the boat conductor if boat coming into dock goes to your stop. You will see the conductors are busy and their English may be limited, so keep any questions short and simple. You can see on the map provided where each of the services stops. Hopefully that gives you a clear understanding of how to take full advantage of this useful service but if you think we have missed anything let us know. Thanks GOHOBO

Map of Bangkok