South West Coast Guide

Ao Kao Beach The islands most popular and longest beach, but with around only a dozen resorts sharing the 5km long beautiful beach, it’s easy to find your own quiet stretch. Backed by coconut trees, it’s a picture postcard romantic beach with some great sunsets. The most southerly and northerly ends have the most stunning sections of beach. The road running just behind the beach has a few small cafes, restaurants, ticket shops, dive shops, massage places and even a bar. From the beach, you can see the islands of Ko Rayang Nai and Ko Rayang Nok. Ko Rayang Nai is uninhabited with just a small shrine at its northern end. It’s an easy kayak across and at low tide you can even walk across the sand ridge to the island. If you think you see some elephants under the water, it may be the ‘Art for Ocean’ project, check out the diving highlight for more info. Ko Rayang Nok can also be easily reached by kayak and has a stunning beach and is great for snorkelling. It has Koh Rayang Island midrange resort if you want to stay overnight. The wooden pier is used by Leelawadee Speedboats to the mainland and Kaibae Huts Speedboats to Ko Chang, Ko Wai and Ko Kut. Laem Tookkata This charming little cove is a great spot for snorkelling and is home to three small backpacker places, Baan Ing Kao, Baan Laem Tookata Beach and Ma Ruay, owned by three brothers. It has great views of Ko Rayang Nai and Ko Rayang Nok which are also easy to kayak to from here. It is possible to walk along the coastline from Ao Kao Beach to get here but isn’t the easiest. There is a bumpy track from the main road near Cococape Resort you can motorbike down.

Map of East Thailand

East Thailand-Map