Ko Samet

Why Go

Ko Samet offers fine white sand beaches with beautiful clear waters, nice little bays on an island with a lush green jungle interior. It’s also pretty close to Bangkok so is a popular island getaway for affluent Bangkok Thai’s, cheap package deals and backpackers.

Why Not

It gets very busy at weekends and holidays where the prices can spike significantly. It’s super busy around Western, Thai and Chinese New Year, so worth booking in advance.

To See

There are plenty of beaches to cater for the different types of people the island draws and they are kept clean. It’s fun to explore the island on foot or hire a motorbike. Be sure to check out our summary of the beaches in the highlights section. The beaches from Ao Phai up to Samet Village are party places with the beaches below more relaxed. You will find the cheapest accommodation in Samet Village and be sure to read our info section on accommodation around the island.

How Long

It’s an easy beach getaway from Bangkok on weekdays for a few days. It gets so busy at weekends you might not want to hang around.

To Know

The island is nearly 7km long, and the ferry brings you in at the Nadan Pier at the north, just East of Ao Noi Na beach. A road heads south from the pier through the compact Samet Village down to Haad Sai Kaew beach about 800m from their pier with Ao Hin Khok just a little further along. There is a 200/100B (adult/child) entrance fee for the island, as believe it or not the island falls under a national park. You don’t have to pay it if you are not going past Haad Sai Kaew beach. *TIP* - There’s plenty of mozzies around so best to keep repellent on and use mozzie nets at night. *WARNING* - Some beaches are prone to riptides so watch out for red flags warning of bad surf.

Map of East Thailand

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