Kingdom of Somchai's Affection

Down a stone path in a patch of forest near Ao Suan Yai pier, you will find a surreal collection of sculptures created by local artist Khun Somachi of the Mon people, along with his now uninhabited rickety old wooden house. There are some animal sculptures, but the majority are attention grabbing, somewhat erotically posed women, acting as benches and tables, lying down and in various other poses, most of which leave no part of the female anatomy to the imagination! The artist died some years ago, and his sculptures have been left behind for visitors to admire and puzzle over. There’s also a few of his sculptures dotted around the island. Getting Here: From the Ao Suan Yai pier head to the main road and then turn down the first trail on the left, it’s just a short walk from the road!

Map of East Thailand

East Thailand-Map