Ko Wai

Why Go

If you’re looking for a Robinson Crusoe, tiny paradise island, with stunning coconut palm tree lined white sand beaches, gently lapped by aquamarine water and backed by lush green jungle, Ko Wai is it! There are no roads, no motorbikes and only five places to stay on this 3km by 1km island. It’s a place to relax and just enjoy being in paradise. The calm waters are also ideal for swimming and sublime for snorkelling. The perfect place to read a book or several. That beautiful sunset is calling you…

Why Not

So what’s the catch? OK well, there is a minor one. Having no WiFi and limited things to do is enough to put most people off staying here, but it doesn’t stop them coming as day-trippers. So a couple of the resorts have their secluded tranquillity shattered for an hour or two a day. This is only a couple of beaches, so you can escape them even if you are staying at that beach, just by going to another for a bit. Only one place has 24-hour electricity; the rest just have a few hours at night, but that’s part of the charm of Ko Wai.

To See

If you want to get active, you can kayak around the whole island in about 2 hours, although you’ll find yourself getting lured in by the beautiful secluded beaches as you go round. Ko Wai has a few loosely marked trails in the interior of the island if you want to wander through the jungle to find your own secluded beach. You could also follow the trail to Sunset Point for a stunning view of the gulf, and as the name suggests, especially at sunset. *TIP* - Remember a torch and some good mozzie spray!

Map of East Thailand

East Thailand-Map