Ko Kut (Ko Kood)

Why Go

At around 21km long and 12km wide, Ko Kut is not far off the size of nearby Ko Chang, but it sees a fraction of the number of visitors. It has some of the most stunning palm tree lined beaches and crystal clear waters you will find anywhere in Thailand. The great part is that it hasn’t been over developed (yet), so it's not difficult to find a stretch of paradise all to yourself.

Why Not

There’s not really any nightlife to speak of on Ko Kut; it’s all about kicking back and just relaxing in paradise.

To See

Ko Kut has a mere 2000 inhabitants, with two fishing villages on the east side, rivers, waterfalls, mangroves and a largely untouched rugged rainforest interior. There are also a few good dive shops on the island if you want to sample the underwater delights in the area.

To Know

While it is predominantly expensive resorts on the island, there are a few budget places around see the GOHOBO app for info.

Map of East Thailand

East Thailand-Map