Snorkelling Boat Trips

There are loads of companies on the island offering snorkelling trips to nearby islands, two common ones are called the ‘5 Islands Tour’ and ‘3 Islands Tour’ but there are many variants. The full day trips will take you out to Koh Rang which has superb reefs for snorkelling, the best in the area. Half day ones don’t usually head out to Koh Rang, tending to stick to some closer islands but check with the operator. Some slow boats can carry up to 100 people and the sites will have more than one boat at them, can imagine the scene when so many people try to get in the water. If you want to avoid the crowds then paying the extra to go on the speedboat will be worth it. There will probably still be a fair few people around but nowhere near as crowded. If you have a group of 6 or more, you could look into hiring a private speedboat to avoid the crowds even more. The full day trips included a decent lunch and transfers. If you go to Koh Rang you will need to pay the park entrance fee of 200/100B (adult/child). Full day tours start from 600B up to 1,500B. It’s advisable to wear a t-shirt and sunblock on the back of your neck when snorkelling to help avoid getting sunburnt. Also drink plenty of water if you’re being baked in the sun. Fins are 100B extra but are not really required.

Map of East Thailand

East Thailand-Map