Ko Chang terrain rises to over 700m at its highest point, and it’s lush jungle interior has some superb waterfalls within it, some are easily accessible, and others require a bit of effort. All of the waterfalls are accessible on your own (usually by motorbike) or can be visited on organised jungle treks. All the falls are worth seeing all year round but have the most volume in the rainier months of July to October. Khlong Plu With its entrance from Khlong Prao it is one of the most accessible and most popular falls on the island. There’s a really nice 600m trail from the national park rangers office up to the falls. Rock faces tower over 50m either side of the falls which weaves its way down into a big plunge pool, rocks at the side provide good launching points into the pool below. The place gets very busy, get here in the morning if you want to avoid the crowds. There’s also a nature walk through the forest which takes about 30 minutes and finishes at the rangers office. Entry: 200/100 (adult/child) – ticket can be reused at Than Mayom waterfall on the same day. The locals outside will try get you to park your bike outside the gates for a 10B fee but you can park inside at the rangers office for free. Open: 8.00am to 5.00pm Getting Here: Entrance is just off the main strip in Khlong Prao and is clearly sign-posted. Kai Bae Probably the best all-rounder falls on the island as it’s not difficult to get to, you’re likely to have it to yourself (or almost) and it’s a beautiful falls! This is single tier falls that cascade down the jagged rocks into a wonderful pool, superb for a dip! Entry: Free Open: Anytime Getting Here: At the southern end of Kai Bae a small track leads behind the 7-11. Just follow it to the end until where you will see some bungalows. It’s a 30 min walk or bike ride to this point. After this it’s another 10 minutes on foot walking alongside the river to the falls. Klong Jao Leuam It’s a beautiful 500m trail through the forest to this low-key but pretty falls. It’s a 10-teir falls and none of the drops are spectacular but there’s not likely to be many (if any) other people around, so it’s a nice peaceful place to explore and take a dip. Entry: 20B to the lady for parking of bike/crossing of land. Open: Anytime Getting Here: Turn right at the central 7/11 in Klong Son and head 4km to the end of the road when you will see an orange sign where you can park up. Klong Neung The tallest waterfall on the island, the least accessible, potentially dangerous but also one of the most rewarding! The falls drop in three sections down the 120m cliff into a narrow pool at the bottom. In the rainy season, this can turn into a thundering falls but also becomes quite dangerous to get to due to slippery rocks, deep pools and strong currents. Any time of year you are going to have to be prepared to get soaked and have to clamber your way here up the river. It’s pretty awesome and you will probably be the only ones here. Entry: Free Open: Anytime but dangerous in rainy season. Getting Here: From the main road into Salak Phet follow the signs for Salakphet Seafood then take the first right down an unmarked paved lane. You will pass an abandoned visitors centre then bear right until the end. From this dead end, there is a small clearing on the left that heads down a 5m incline to a concrete weir. From this point you need to wade your way up the river, zig-zagging your way up any way you can. It won’t be easy! It’s only 500m but will take you about 30mins, and you will get soaked so make sure you waterproof anything that needs it. Klong Nonsi This is a very low-key waterfall but like but the stroll to and around the falls with no-one else around makes a nice trip. Entry: 10B in the tin Open: Anytime Getting Here: There is a blue sign marking the turning in Dan Mai just after the hospital. Than Mayom This is a nice enough falls but lacks the wow factor of some of its peers. It also gets busy at the weekend with Thais due to Rama V and Rama VII engraving their initials in the rocks. Entry: 200/100 (adult/child) – ticket can be reused at Khlong Plu waterfall on the same day. Open: 8.00am to 5.00pm Getting Here: The entrance is obviously marked just south of Dan Mai on the east coast.

Map of East Thailand

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