Yoga & Massage

If you're looking to escape the hectic beach parties, you can find some peaceful and enlightening fun with Yoga. Two great options are Vagabond Temple and Anam Yoga which should leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Vagabond Temple A meditation retreat set up by Kobi and Pacit located in its own quiet grounds. A beautiful house, nice gardens with a yoga hall in the middle and a loving homely atmosphere. Lessons have a good variety, good for beginners and can challenge those with experience. They also offer massage, reflexology, reiki and chakra balancing. Their place is a 2 min walk from Independence Beach Email: Tel: +855 883498196 Address: Sangat 3 Independence Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia Website: Anam Yoga Run by Greg and offers yoga classes at Anam Yoga Centre, surrounded by nature alongside the river. Along with the Yoga classes, he offers various massages. Classes are held opposite Otres Market in Otres Village. Email: Tel: +855 060690510 Website: Address: Anam Yoga Centre, Otres Village

Map of South Cambodia

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