Beaches of Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville has several large beaches varying on the atmosphere, cleanliness and things to do at each. So to help you decide which sound right for you, here is a run-down of Sihanoukville's beaches starting from the north and heading south: Victory A 2km stretch of sand with a central pier. The beach is not as busy as some of the other beaches and does still offer some good food options; this gives it a bit of a family friendly feel. Although beach hawkers will still be around, and nearby Victory Hill has become a stronghold of sexpats and other shady types. The big draw here is its position on the coastline means you can catch some great sunsets. Hawaii A rocky outcrop at the north end of this 800m stretch of sand separates it from Victory beach. This beach has been taken over by a holiday resort complex right next to the beach. So unless that's what you are looking for, there isn't any other reason to come here. Independence A 1km long stretch of beach with the wonderfully restored Independence Hotel on the Northern end and an outcrop of coastline separating it from Sokha Beach at the Southern end. This beach is to have a large resort built at the Southern end it but at present it is a good place to find a quiet relaxing spot. There are a few places you can get food along the beach and the further South you walk, the quieter it gets. If you keep walking south past the concrete bollards, you get to a pier with a picnic table. Sokha One Sihanoukville's nicest beaches, this 800m stretch of white sand is mainly owned by private resorts, but there are still public sections. The beach itself is very quiet with nice clean, clear calm waters ideal for swimming. The beach is also relatively free of any beach hawkers and kept clean by the resort. Serendipity Serendipity is actually just the last few hundred meters of the northwestern end of Ochheauteal beach. A more rocky stretch of sand but is trying to move to a bit more upmarket than the budget backpacker places on Ochheauteal. It has some nice lively restaurants and bars on Serendipity Beach Road, and the big pull here is the accommodation - Just back from the beachfront in between the trees, are wooden and bamboo bungalows that look out onto the ocean. Combined with restaurant tables only meters away from the lapping sea, helps provide a more romantic setting. The only downside to this is you don't get a clear view of the sunset. Ochheauteal The beach mecca for budget backpackers and the most by far the most popular. At nearly 4km long it's a fair stretch of beach and is sometimes referred to as Serendipity (see above), probably as it's much easier to say! Just left of the pier is the busiest spot full of bars and food stalls. In the daytime, it also has jet-skis and is popular with beach hawkers. Watch you stuff around here as thefts are common. This is where the party's at and a few warnings are useful to keep in mind. Firstly the currents can get strong here, so being completely wasted in the sea isn't the best idea. The moto drivers here don't have the greatest reputation, and there have also been violent crimes and rapes. So avoid staggering home on your own. At the southern end, the battle of converting Sihanoukville into upmarket resorts continues, as this is earmarked to be another resort. For now, this remains a much quieter spot. Otres At 5km long this is often referred to as Otres 1 and Otres 2. The beach still has restaurants and bars but with a much more relaxed feel than Ochheauteal. It's also easy to get a stretch of beach to yourself and pretty clean. To get to Otres from town you will need to get a tuk-tuk for around $4, and there are accommodation options around here. It's not advisable to walk along the unlit road here at night as there have been reports of muggings and worse. Always get a tuk-tuk, even for relatively short distances.

Map of South Cambodia

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