Watersports in Sihanoukville

Blue Lagoon Kite Surfing Otres beach is a great place for kite surfing between November-March with steady winds. You can rent all the gear and lessons for $50 per hour; a three-day course is $300. Call to arrange or take your chances just turning up. Tel: +855 85511145 Address: Blue Lagoon is opposite Papa Pippo beach shack on Otres 1. Hurricane Windsurfing Rents paddleboards (per hour US$8), windsurfers (basic US$10 per hour) and sea kayaks (single US$4 per hour, tandem US$6). Tel: +855 17471604 Address: Queenco Palm Beach Resort, Otres 1 Ultimate Flyboard Experience Fancy getting into the sea with a board strapped to your feet that fires out jets of water on command, so you can rise out of the water up to a few metres? If so this is the ticket for you. Prices are 15min 55$, 30min 100$. All include 10 minutes training i.e. explaining positions etc. on the beach. They also offer GoPro footage of you for 20$. Email: ultimateflyboardexperience@gmail.com Tel: +855 888301150 Address: Otres Beach Fishing Tom Fish makes regular fishing trips with your catch cooked for you back at the restaurant. Tom gets great reviews from experienced and first time fishers. Tel: +855 10607096 Address: Ekareachstreet, Sihanoukville

Map of South Cambodia

South Cambodia-Map