Ream National Park

Ream National Park is a 210 square km of forest, mangroves, marshes, coastline and coral reefs less than an hour from Sihanoukville. So it makes a great easy visit to the jungle from Sihanoukville. The park also has the islands of Koh Themi and Koh Ses within its boundaries. You can make your way to the park via motorbike or tuk-tuk and ride to various bits of the park and beaches. If you wish to see the jungle interior you will need to hire one of the rangers from the park office for $8 for a hike into the forest where you may encounter monkeys, snakes and many different birds. You can also arrange a boat costing $45 for a cruise through the mangroves where you may see flying fish and oyster trappers. An organised trek from a tour operator in Sihanoukville costs around $25. They usually involve a boat ride through the mangroves, followed by a hike through the jungle. You will pass through a local village and school before finishing at the beach to relax. Unfortunately, the park is at risk of development from resorts and other private businesses as well as threats from illegal logging. Income from tourism helps protect the park from being destroyed. You can stay within the park at Monkey Maya, a fantastic jungle gem hideaway. Be sure to check it out in Other Highlights of Sihanoukville. * TIP * - Remember to bring sunscreen! There are food places on the beach with excellent views so ask the rangers where they are if you are coming without a guide. Park Rangers office Tel: +855 12875096

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