Tubing Pai River

A favourite backpacking activity is floating down the Pai River in a large, inflated rubber ring. A tuk-tuk or songthaew will to take you a few kilometres upriver and the tube will cost you around 300B, including transport. Virtually any guesthouse and travel agent can arrange it for you. You can then enjoy a leisurely and peaceful float back to town, admiring the water life and beautiful scenery along the way. You can even bring a couple of drinks with you in a bag as they will float. Just take your rubbish back with you. The trip will take you an hour or two - depending on the time of year, and be careful your backside doesn’t drag along the riverbed if you go in the dry season. It is also advisable to bring some dry clothes to change into for the journey back to your guesthouse. You can buy dry-bags in town if there’s stuff you want to bring and keep dry. Take strong sunblock and also cover yourself with mosquito repellent. Have a shower when you get back to your accommodation as the river water is not particularly clean.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map