Santichon / Surrounding Villages

Ban Santichon - Located 5km west of town is the Chinese village of Ban Santichon, established by fleeing Republican army units following their defeat by Mao Tse Tung's communists in the 1950's. These days it is very much a tourist, Chinese-themed village, with souvenir shops, tea tasting centres, pony rides, a human-powered Ferris wheel, and a poor recreation of the Great Wall of China. But the low Yunnanese-style houses spread across the steep hillside are genuine enough, and there is a great view of the Pai Valley at the Yun Lai Viewpoint at the end of the village. It's worth a stop off on your way to Mo Paeng Waterfall. Other nearby villages include: Nam Hoo - This is a picturesque village north-west of town which boasts a much revered Buddha Image in its beautiful and peaceful temple - Wat Nam Hoo. The temple is very popular with Thais, and there is a small market in the temple grounds along with flower gardens and a serene lake. Wiang Nua - It's worth an afternoon stroll, although the only thing of note here is a recreation of the ancient brick town gates. Mor Peang - Just past Ban Santichon is the Lisu village of Mor Peang with its famous waterfall. Here the local village women still wear traditional clothes.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map