Bamboo Rafting Near Pai

An alternative and similar journey to the tubing is to take a bamboo raft down the Pia River for an hour or two. The raft accommodates 3-4 people plus the Thai guide who steers you with a long pole. The raft barely breaks the surface of the water and you will get quite wet, so make sure you leave your belongings back in your room or put them in a dry bag. The gentle ride is relaxing and peaceful, and you can admire the attractive scenery and connect with nature and wildlife. You may even see a Thai family or two coming down to the river to bathe. As with 'tubing', we advise you to dose yourself with mosquito repellent and when you return to your room, have a good shower, as the river water is not very clean. Rafts cost around 1,000B for up to 3 persons, and it is possible to join up with others at 300B per person. You can try: Pai Let's Go Email: Tel: +66 0864551567 Website:

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map