Rafting Near Pai

There are some spectacular rapids to be found between Pai and Mae Hong Song, and some operators offer the choice of one or two-day trips. There are also 2-3 day trekking and rafting combination tours. The two-day trips go all the way to Mae Hong Song. Overnight accommodation is provided in either tents or bamboo huts with dorm style sleeping. For the one-day tours, which end before Mae Hong Song, you have the choice of being transported back to Pai or being dropped off in Mae Hong Song, if you are moving on to your next destination. Before you set off, you will receive a safety demonstration and learn how to traverse the rapids. Your trip down the river will be interspersed with stops for food at the riverside, and also visits to waterfalls and hot springs. The scenery is outstanding, especially when you go through the Pai river gorge. During the dry season the rapids are very small, making it more of a gentle nature excursion than a whitewater adventure. So if you're looking for a real white-knuckle ride, make sure you go in the rainy season (May-November) - or just after it. There are a number of tour companies that offer a range of whitewater experiences, including combo tours that include trekking and visits to Hill Tribe villages. One-day rafting trips cost around 1,800B per person, and around 3,000B for a two-day trip. These prices assume a group of at least three persons. Pai Rapid Rangers at www.pairapidrangers.com; and Pai Adventure at www.thailandpai.net and Thai Adventure rafting at www.thairafting.com are all worth looking at.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map