Pai Markets

Pai Walking Street Market Located along Chaisongkran Road and the northern end of Rungsiyanon Road, is the place to go to from late afternoon until around midnight. Decorated with colourful hanging lanterns, Walking Street is always packed with tourists during the high season, browsing through a wide variety of products, such as: clothing, accessories, cute postcards, jewellery, handicrafts and other souvenirs, as well as original works of art from artists residing in the town. The picturesque side shops are so attractive that tourists are constantly snapping them. There are plenty of bars and shops which all conspire to make Walking Street a very busy and lively scene for most of the year. The Morning Market Located on the Main Road, south of Charlies House, runs from 3:00 am to 8:00 am and features Hill Tribe products. The Day Market In the south part of town on the Main Street (Route 1095), where you can find cheap local food. Around the corner in Raddamrong Road is Talad Sot, the fresh food market, which sells mainly fruit and vegetables as well tasty snacks. The Wednesday Market A mobile market that is set up in different towns on different days of the week. It's Pai's turn on Wednesdays, and you will find it inside a covered building. You can't miss it if you walk down towards the Reverie Siam Resort. The Monday Market Similar to the Wednesday market, but smaller, you will find it on the south side of Mae Hong Son Road, under one of the largest mango trees you will ever see.

Map of North West Thailand

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