The Land Split

The Land Split is pretty much as the name suggests and was created by a natural disaster that apparently struck twice in the same spot. The sight itself is unlikely to blow you away, and we haven’t included a picture of it to leave at least some element of mystery! So why do we have a picture of yummy fresh fruit? Just before the crack is a very friendly and hospitable man called Lon, who has an organic farm growing all manner of things like passion fruit, mango, peanuts, bananas, star fruit, sweet potato… He has a little shack with seats and hammocks, which he welcomes you to sample all his lovely produce and things he has made from them, such as Roselle juice, jam, banana chips and wine. You can have as much as you like and donate something if you want to. We’re sure you will want to! Getting Here: The Land Split and the lovely Lon are on the way to the Pam Bok Waterfall (recommended).

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map