Ko Kut Waterfalls

There are three lovely waterfalls around the island which all pretty easy to visit and all are free. Here’s a quick summary: Khlong Chao Waterfall A beautiful 10m high two-tier waterfall, with a great swimming area around it meaning you can also swim under it. It’s just an easy 10-minute walk through the jungle trail to get here. It’s on the island tour itineraries so gets busier at the weekends, but you may have it to yourself mid-week. To get here just follow the river to PD Guesthouse and take a left, a few hundred metres down you will find the falls. Khlong Yai Ki Waterfall A lovely small waterfall with a nice deep pool to swim in. It’s in a beautiful setting, and you will probably be the only one there, so a fine place to relax and take in the peaceful forest. Once in the car park just head down the potentially slippery steps and then over the boulders to reach the falls. The falls are in the north-west, just follow the signs to Bann Makok resort and watch out for a right turn into the car park. If you reach the turn off for Bann Makok you’ve missed it. Huang Num Kaew Waterfall Until recently this waterfall was a virtually unknown to tourists and involved an hour trek through the jungle interior to find it. The powers that be decided to solve this by building a slightly excessive road right up to it, complete with car park and visitors centre. The plus side of this is that it makes it much easier to find! The two-tier waterfall is very picturesque, although it doesn’t have the big swimming area like the others, you could take a dip or stand under it for a refreshing shower. Go to the main road and follow the signs for the ‘Big Tree’, then keep going straight past them until you get to the car park. You might as well combine your visit to see the 200-year-old ‘Big Tree’ also.

Map of East Thailand

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