Snorkelling & Kayaks

You can find superb snorkelling off any of the beaches around the island. You will also be able to rent a snorkel from guesthouses & bars at $2+ depending where you are. If in Koh Tui you can rent the mask and fins for $5 from the Dive Shop on the main beach. They also offer for you to go along with the dive boat for an extra $10, but the sites are not always suitable for snorkelers as things don't look as great if they are 10m below from you. If you want to go on a trip then it's probably best to go on a snorkelling tour, which will take you to places good for snorkelling. The snorkelling tours tend to just go to spots just of Koh Tui beach and off 7km beach. You can easily do both these areas yourself if you don't fancy sharing your ocean spot with other snorkelers. On Koh Tui just off near the village pier is a great spot with an abundance of marine life. Also if you have headed over to 7km beach it's worth having a look at various points along the beach. Look out for spots with rocks like at the south end, as they will harbour a lot of colourful life. Kayaks - Rising Sun Guesthouse at Koh Touch beach rents out kayaks for $5 per hour. Palm Beach Resort, at the north of the island, also has kayaks available for guests and visitors.

Map of South Cambodia

South Cambodia-Map