Coconut Beach (Nature Beach)

If you're already in Koh Tui and fancy stepping it down a gear, an excellent option is to head to Coconut Beach (Nature Beach). Set in Derm Tkov Village, it has a much more relaxed feel with a beautiful untouched white beach, lined with palm trees and free of rubbish. The local fishing village has also retained some authentic feel and tradition. The bonus here is that it's relatively easy to find a motorboat from Koh Tui to Coconut Beach (just ask around). We think it's too far to walk carrying big bags, but if you do make it on foot, let us know about it! There is only one accommodation option here, Coconut Beach Bungalows. They offer lovely wooden bungalows and also tents. They also have games and regular campfires. Don't miss swimming at night in the sea glowing with plankton. Rates: Tents $15 with foam mattress and pillows provided and showers available. Beautiful wooden bungalows, sleep up to 4, $30. Email: Tel: +855 77766333 Website:

Map of South Cambodia

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