Borders with Vietnam

Crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam There are now 14 European countries that can get a 15-day visa exempt stay. The countries are Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. If this is you, then you can just get your entry stamp at the border and do not need to arrange anything advance. Be aware you can’t extend your stay if using visa exemption and you can’t re-enter using visa exemption for 30 days. If you are not from one of these countries or would like a longer stay visa, then you must get your visa BEFORE you arrive at the border. You can do this directly at the embassy in Phnom Penh, or the consulate in Sihanoukville or Battambang. However, the fees charged are virtually the same as through one of the many travel agencies throughout Cambodia. The key difference being it’s much easier to go through an agency (recommended!). It is also cheaper than if you get a visa in advance via an online agent. Some typical prices with a 2-day processing time (add $15 for same day): 1-month single entry visa: $42 1-month multiple-entry visa: $55 3-month single entry visa: $58 Because there are no fees paid at the border, getting through is very straight forward. Border 4 - Bavet (Cambodia) / Moc Bai (Vietnam) Daily buses from Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City (and vice versa) pass through this border. It's easy to arrange this in either city on decent buses. Border 5 - Banlung (Cambodia) / Pleiku (Vietnam) An incredibly easy crossing by all accounts, and done very little by tourists. The same minivan will drive you between the two towns, no change of bus required. You will just need to get off to do your visa paperwork (leave your big back on the bus). This route is done very infrequently by tourists, but we have seen no adverse reports. If you have done this crossing recently, let us know about your experience.

Map of North East Cambodia

North East Cambodia-Map