Virachey National Park & Around

Located in the very north of Cambodia on the border of Vietnam and Laos; combined with adjacent protected areas in the bordering countries Virachey NP is one of the largest protected areas in South East Asia. The great forests, mountains and grasslands wilderness remain very much unexplored, especially not by tourists. Cruising down the river in a small boat with the lush, dense forest surrounding you is a beautiful thing. You can also visit some of the local indigenous community villages on the outskirts of the park (there are none inside). Treks within the park are strictly only allowed with a Park Ranger as a guide. Some tourism offices in Banlung say they go in the park, but they actually stay on the outskirts. If you are doing a 1 or 2-day trek, you can have a superb time with a knowledgeable tour guide outside the park. If you would like to experience an even more 'into the jungle' type trek, and especially if you would like a longer trek, a trek into the Virachey NP will be immensely rewarding. For proper jungle explorer types, you can do an epic 7-day trek into the park (you need a reasonable level of fitness for this). Treks outside the park tend to be cheaper at around US$30 per day per person, guided ranger tours are around US$50. The prices include all food, hammock, boat ride and village home-stays. The best time to do a trek is late November through to the end of april, as when the wet season kicks in it becomes like a mud bath! The Virachey National Park Guide is Leam Sou and is based out of the Eco-Tourism office in Banlung. Contact details below and also check out the website for more information. Email: Tel: +855 973334775 Address: Eco Tourism Office, Banlung Website: Several tour agencies operate out of Banlung. One that is consistently highly rated is with Kimi at Highland Tour Banlung offering 1 to 3-day trips around the area. Email: Tel: +855 976583841 Address: Village1 Labanseik commune, Banlung Website:

Map of North East Cambodia

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