There are many massage establishments scattered around the island. If you find a suitably qualified masseur (male or female), it can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience and will make you feel great. Finding the right masseur is frankly a bit of a lottery, as even the noted massage parlours with good reputations can have good and bad masseurs. This is evidenced by feedback - a single massage parlour attracts comments ranging from fantastic to very poor. We suggest that you check whether the parlour you are thinking of going to specifically states that all their masseurs are fully qualified, and always insist that you have a good, professional masseur. Stick to the traditional "physical massage" parlours and avoid the places that look as though they might offer 'additional services'. A row of scantily-clad masseuses sitting outside is a good indication that the emphasis is more on "extra services" than the quality of the massage. Massages offered in your resort will always be a lot more expensive and not necessarily any better than you can find outside from a decent massage parlour. In most massage parlours, the going rate for a traditional Thai massage is 300B for an hour. Specialist massages, such as oil massage, or aromatherapy, or foot reflexology usually cost a little more. Here are a few parlours that have received lots of good feedback and are worth a try: Tanaporn Massage House Tel: +66 810787814 Email: Address: Thong Nai Pan Noi. Website: Tuk Massage Tel: +66 818220798 Email: Address: Haad Salad and Thong Sala. Website: Pure Relax Tel: +66 816211170 Email: Address: 145/7 Moo1, Thong Sala. Website: OK Massage Address: Chakalum, nice little place on the beach near Lotus Dive Resort. Lek Massage Address: 7-11 Baan Tai road, on the right, just after Wat Pho temple. Website: Revive Massage Tel: +66 821303117 Email: Address: 76/8 Moo 8, Haad Yao. Website:

Map of Lower Gulf of Thailand

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