Have you ever considered learning how to freedive? Are you are already a keen snorkeler or scuba diver? Or maybe you are a complete novice at exploring the ocean beds. Either way, why don't you consider something a little bit different? Freediving is diving without the use of snorkels or scuba gear. Advanced freedivers can quickly develop the ability to dive to depths of up to 20m by holding their breath. It sounds difficult, but you will be amazed that after only a few short lessons, you will be able to start freediving. And you will love it, because of the freedom it gives you - without the bulky equipment, the noise and the bubbles. Become part of the underwater sea life. There are several freedive schools scattered around the island, and all of them have qualified instructors who are properly registered with the Tourist Authority of Thailand. Feedback from these courses is very positive. Satisfied customers are highly complementary about the instructors and many people report being able to dive down to depths of 10m after just one day, and to 20m after only two days. Freedive Koh Phangan Based at Sala Beach and offers a one-day introductory course so that you can find out if this activity is for you. Then you can take a 2-day course where you will learn the basics, including how to hold your breath for up to 3 minutes, and dive down to 20m. They also offer more advanced courses of 3-days and 4-days where you can further develop your techniques. More details of these courses are available on their website. You will need to send an email to get details of their course prices, which can also include accommodation. Email: Tel: +66 877844503 Website: Apnea Koh Phangan Based at Haad Yao beach, and they offer a 1-day introductory course where you will learn to hold your breath for 3 minutes and dive to depths of 12 meters. The price of the 1-day course can then be counted towards a 2-day course which leads to a certification in freediving. They also offer advanced and "Instructor" courses, as well as a 1-day static apnea clinic where you learn how to hold your breath. It will cost you 4000B for a 1-day course, 7000B for 2-days, and from 9000B-30000B for the advanced and master freediver courses. The apnea clinic costs 3000B. Email: Tel: +66 923801494 Website:

Map of Lower Gulf of Thailand

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