Koh Kong Island

Totally Tropical

Koh Kong Island is a forested hilly island lined with tropical beaches that can only visited as a day-trip - as there’s no accommodation here. A 2.5-hour longtail boat ride from Koh Kong will deliver you to a beach with super fine soft white sand and crystal clear tropical waters. You will more than likely only be sharing the beach with the other people on your boat, but at around 1km in length, you should have no trouble finding your own quiet spot. The water is full of marine life so an excellent place for a bit of snorkelling.

The Tours

Unless you want to hire a private boat (which may be a bit pricey), you will come to the island with one of the several tour operators in town. A typical tour will set off around 8:00am in a longtail boat (seat up to 12), head past the floating village and then to Koh Rong Island. You will have around 4 hours on the beach, with a BBQ (and beer for US$1 per can) before heading back. There is also a (real) chance of seeing some rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Some tours include a stop off at the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary (recommended). At the sanctuary is a 1km+ walk through the mangroves and waterways on a series of elevated walkways, picnic platforms and a suspension bridge. There's a bit of a Dead Marshes from Lord of The Rings look to the place, so best not to stare into the water for too long! There is also a 15-meter-high observation tower, offering great panoramic views. Ritthy Koh Kong Eco Adventure Tours gets good reviews for his friendly staff and quality tours. His Island tour is $18 including lunch and a stop at Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. He also offers overnight camping on the island for $55 and various other tours around the area. Email: kohkongecoadventuretours@gmail.com Tel: +855 12707719 Address: Riverfront central in town, near Bob's Ice Cream Shop, Koh Kong Website: kohkongecoadventure.com

Map of South Cambodia

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