Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains are a vast expanse of rainforest containing an extremely varied array of plants and wildlife. Known wildlife includes the pileated gibbon, tigers, Asian elephants, sun bears, flying lemurs and the clouded leopard. It's also estimated there are over 450 species of bird. The area is very sparsely populated by humans but has suffered from illegal logging and wildlife trafficking. The area extends from Thailand through to Vietnam and is mostly unclassified in terms of its wildlife inhabitants. It's a great place to trek out into the wilderness and experience its real beauty. Make sure you wear good hiking footware and try to cover up as there are leeches about! There are several operators in town offering 1 to 3 days treks into the jungle. You may also want to consider supporting conservation efforts by staying at the Wildlife Release Station, set up as a release site for animals rescued from traffickers. A chalet (min 1-night stay) including all meals and activities requires a minimum donation: - US$120 per person per night for the first night - US$80 per person per night for each subsequent night - Children under 15 years: US$50 per child first night, US$25 subsequent nights Email: Tel: +855 10690864 Website:

Map of South Cambodia

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