Koh Tonsay

James Antrobus

of Koh Tonsay

A short boat ride from Kep is the island of Koh Tonsay, also known as Rabbit Island. The main beach of is a 500m narrow stretch of palm lined beach. It has several very basic places to stay backed off it, quiet and rustic is the feel here. It has nice clear water where you can snorkel, hire rubber rings, kayaks and also get a massage on the beach. This is a place to just relax and can make a pleasant day trip or overnight stay. Although the beach is nice, if you are looking for pristine white sand beaches this might not quite satisfy you. You can enjoy snorkelling off the main beach with various tropical fish and also enjoy a nice hike around the island (3 hours), with three other small beaches along the way. There are various places to just relax in hammocks along the beach serving great seafood. The place does get busier at weekends and national holidays, which can spoil the serene atmosphere and thus the point of coming here. This by is by no means ever a party island, generators and power are off by 10:00pm so bring a torch. Accommodation There are a few places just set back from the beachfront starting at around $7 per night for a basic shack. Basic is essentially a bed and mosquito net with a shared bathroom. You can progress up to around $15 for something with a western toilet and cold shower. Getting Here You can get a boat from Kep at 9am (30mins), which returns at 4pm ($10 return), you can also hire a boat for up to 6 people for around $25. You may have to book in advance for weekends. It's easy just turn up and organise everything yourself, or you can get one of the tour agents near the bus stop in Kep to organise everything for you.

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