Baan Krua Nua Silk Weaving

Just opposite Jim Thompson House are the hardly visited origins of his silk trading fortune, the silk weaving community of Baan Khua Nua. The community began late 18th century when Cham Muslims from Cambodia and Vietnam went to fight alongside the new Siam king to reclaim the country. For their efforts, they were awarded the sizable piece of land on the San Saeb canal, where they were able to use the superb silk weaving techniques they brought with them. After the disappearance of Jim Thompson in 1967 the silk weaving industry here has really suffered. There are a few families in the narrow alleys of this neighbourhood that still do every step of traditional silk production, from dyeing the threads to hand weaving the cloth. It’s well worth a visit here to see the authentic craftsmanship at work. If you are looking to buy any silk, it’s much cheaper here than at the Jim Thompson House over the canal. There are a few workshops here, both Phamai Baan Krua and Aood Bankrua Thai Silk workshops speak English and welcome visitors. To get here from Jim Thompson House take a left out of the front gates and walk to the canal, left again until you can cross the canal at the bridge. Once on the other side make a left and you will see the various signs.

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