Muay Thai Boxing

If you fancy some action fuelled Thai culture then seeing a live Muay Thai match is for you! Every Sunday afternoon you may notice guys intently watching TV sets, the chances are they are watching the Muay Thai filmed at Channel 7 TV Studios. The great news is you can just turn up to see the matches for free! On arriving at the studios you walk through a fairly inconspicuous door into a room packed with Thai men gathered round the ring in the centre of a room, lit up by the TV studio lights. The atmosphere can only be described as an energetic, sweaty uproar, and that’s before the fights even start! Pre-match there is the yelling of guys placing bets with bookies and room full of anticipation and excitement. Once the boxers come in and the bell goes, the room is electric with cheers and gasps as the fury of punches and kicks are thrown. The fighters mean business and so do the crowd! You don’t have to know the rules to find yourself getting swept up in the atmosphere. This sport is fierce and it’s not uncommon for fighters to be carried off. These are not show matches, and they are in there to win. The televised matches are every Sunday starting at 1:45pm but there are opening fights held before, so by 1:00pm it’s already pretty packed and in full swing. Most of the room is standing but if you come early enough (before 1:00pm) you should be able to get one of the few seats at the front reserved for Westerners, you may have to work your way through the crowd to get to them! The studios are just near Chatuchak market so you can even combine this with a shopping spree. Getting Here Channel 7 Sudios are a 10 minute walk from the Mo Chit BTS station and are a bit hidden away. Out of the station and facing the park turn right to head north. You will take your first right after the old bus station. Keep an eye out for the big red and white transmission towers to know your heading in the right direction. You should also see a stream of people to follow but if you do happen to get lost ask for "Chang 7”. Address: Channel 7, Chatachuck, Bangkok

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