Women’s Correctional Institution

How would you like a massage from a female convict, who is still serving time? Don't panic - it's completely different to what you might imagine. If you want a genuine Thai massage from a well-trained masseur you could do a lot worse than try out one of these skilled ladies. In 2001, the enlightened prison governors at Chiang Mai's correction Institute for women introduced a rehabilitation programme for short-term female inmates. Some undergo intensive training to be masseurs, and others are taught how to cook and work in a coffee shop and to make and sell Thai handcrafts. They are even taught English skills so that they can converse with you. You will be completely safe in their hands. Choose between a full body massage or a foot massage, with prices ranging from 150B to 180B per hour (plus tip), and then try out the coffee shop where the food is cheap and tasty. They serve mainly Thai dishes and even a few western ones. The massage is in so much in demand by tourists that we advise you to book in the morning and return later for your appointment. Reports from customers are 100% positive, and as well as a 1st class massage, you will find the staff friendly and polite. Open: 8:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Fri), 9:00am - 4:30pm (Sat/Sun) Tel: +66 53210824, +66 53122340 Address: 100 Ratchavithi Road Getting Here: In the centre of town, across the street from Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution, close to the Three Kings Monument.

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