Doi Suthep Waterfall

If you are up for a ramble through virgin jungle, there is a nice little scenic hike you can try out which starts at Doi Suthep’s ranger sub-station at Huay Tung Tao and ends at the nearby waterfall. The round trip will take you about 2 hours and is not a much-known trail, so you will likely have the falls to yourself. The ranger station is a little difficult to find. Drive to Huay Tung Tao Lake, and then turn left at the lakeside T-junction, just beyond the entrance booth. Drive over the dam; go round the lake, keep going past the Buddha statue and the "New Peak Activities Centre" and you will see an area of paddy fields on your left. Turn left down the track between the far side of the fields and a line of trees and the ranger station is 1km ahead of you. Park up, and start your hike by turning left in front of the ranger station building, making sure you don't enter the park (so no fee). You will now enjoy an incredible hour's hike in lush virgin forest, teeming with birdlife, meandering streams and towering trees. Cross the stream and enter the forest on the far side. A little further along take the right fork in the trail and follow the track which eventually meets the stream again. Another kilometre or so further on, the trail crosses the stream. Then keep straight for about half an hour and do not re-cross the stream at a bamboo bridge. Soon, you will arrive at the magnificent two-level falls with its 50-metre drop over sheer cliffs.

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