Art in Paradise

Ever fancied being crushed by a giant foot? Being pounced on by a tiger? Interacting with the subject of a classic painting? At this fun illusion art gallery they paint images on flat surfaces to form a “3D” painting that makes it look like you are interacting with or have stepped into the painting. There are over 130 paintings over three floors with various zones such as underwater, wildlife, classic art and cities to name a few. There are markers on the floor to help you shoot photos from the best angle, they even have positions set-up for selfie shots! Make sure you have plenty of room on your camera for photos! You should probably set aside at least three hours for a visit, and if you go in the daytime the air-con will provide a welcome relief from the outside temperatures. There is also a coffee shop, restaurant and a gift shop. Entry: 400B/200B (adults/children) Open: 9:00am – 9:00pm Email: Tel: +66 53274100 Website: Getting Here: The gallery is situated outside the Old Town wall to the south east, on Chang Klan Road. It’s a 15 minute walk south of the Night Market.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map

Chiang Mai