Flight of the Gibbon

At a cool 3,999B per person, if you can afford it, this original treetop, zip-line adventure - across 5km of incredible jungle, including Asia's longest flight of 800m - is a thrilling and exhilarating escapade which still surpasses all attempts to copy it. Bear in mind the high price also includes pick-up and return to your guesthouse in Chiang Mai, as well a delicious, freshly cooked traditional Thai lunch, and a visit to an eco-mountain and waterfall. Each group is accompanied by two jungle rangers, recruited from the local inhabitants, who are experts in wildlife, and the ecosystems unique to the area. Also as the proprietors point out, your money goes towards maintaining and increasing the re-introduction of gibbons into the forest, and their rangers are dedicated to developing sustainable environmental practices. The Gibbon adventure starts in the lovely village of Mae Kampong, 37 kilometres from Chiang Mai city, on the border of Jae Zorn National Park. The forest in this area has been virtually untouched through the aeons, and its ecosystem has remained much the same for thousands of years. This ancient jungle habitat at 1,300m is around 5°C cooler than Chiang Mai and supports a vast range of plants, animals and birds, so you can enjoy yourself at more pleasant temperatures. Although at times you will be hiking on the jungle floor, your primary form transportation through the rainforests will be by zip-line. You will fly over streams and treetops at over 30m high, to thirty individual stations along your route - some as high as 50m. Before you set off, you will be kitted out with belts and helmets and then taken to your first platform where you will receive detailed safety instructions before taking your first 'plunge'. Three platforms later, you will take a half-hour walk through the jungle, before returning to the treetops and zip-line. In amongst these towering trees, you will see families of gibbons staking out their territory and after an incredible two hours, you will come back down to mother earth and take another 30-minute hike to a waterfall. Finally, there is another longish walk through the fresh air to the village for your lunch. Your adventure is over and from here you will be driven back to Chiang Mai. There is an option of staying in the village overnight - or even for a day or two -which will cost you 550B per night, including three meals a day. This adventure is suitable for most ages and anyone of reasonable physical abilities. Even people with vertigo have experienced few problems once they take their initial zip-line ride. Book through the details below. Entry: 3,999B per person (tours at certain times offer a 500B voucher for the gift shop) Tel: +66 53010660 Email: info@treetopasia.com Website: https://www.treetopasia.com

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