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Probably the most exhilarating way to get off the beaten track and get a great view of the Cambodian countryside is on a trails bike. You can get to see a real good glimpse of rural Cambodia; villages, paddy fields, water buffalo, and children waving as you pass. All with the added thrill of whizzing along single track lanes, through mud, sand, puddles and forest to give you an adrenaline buzz. The guys running the trips we have mentioned are excellent riders and will be able to put nearly any rider through their paces. You can do anything from half-day to multi-day trips. Just take a look at their websites or go to their office to find out more. They cater for novice to advanced riders, will take it easy or push you depending on what you want. We would recommend you have at least some experience of riding a motorbike with gears. They will split groups up depending on experience, so the less experienced riders won't feel pressured to keep up, and the more experienced riders get to open the throttle as much as they like. The bikes are all well maintained and in excellent condition with helmets and safety gear. They also have a range of bikes to choose from. Typical price is around half day US$80, full day US$125. Cambodia Trails Email: Tel: +855 977355252 Website: Address: # 149 Tapul road, Siem Reap Ride Cambodia Email: Tel: +855 967553733 Website: Address: 378 River Road, Siem Reap *NOTE* - This is an extreme sport so carries an element of risk. Medical care options in Siem Reap are not great. The Royal Angkor International Hospital in Siem Reap has sky-high rates with limited facilities and from the reports we've read, the care isn't very good either. If you have something immediately serious, you will likely be sent to Bangkok or Phnom Penh. If you do get medical treatment in Siem Reap for broken bones etc., it's worth getting somebody to check the diagnosis at a more established hospital as soon as you can.

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map

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