Old Market (Psah Chaa)

The Old Market is situated right next to Pub Street which makes it easy to find yourself wandering in to. It has an abundance of stalls for tourists selling souvenirs, but its central location means you will pay inflated prices, with Pub Street nearby they know somebody else will come along prepared to pay their price. If you're looking for souvenirs at a decent price, better to try the Art Centre Night Market. The market doesn't just cater for tourists though; everything a local Cambodian might want to buy for their house is here, including a food market in the middle. This is the good bit, bursting with colours, energy and smells! Here you can get a glimpse of real Cambodian life as women busily buy and sell food. Here you will see piles of spices, swathes of colourful fruit and vegetables, seafood stalls with wriggling fish, meat chopped up or being chopped up by a sizable meat clever. There's plenty of great photo opportunities but remember these women are on a mission with a shopping list to complete, so don't get in their way! The market is open daily 7am to 8pm (some stalls open until 11pm) and the food section is busiest with the locals in the morning. Address: Psar Chaa Road, Siem Reap

Map of North West Cambodia

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