Phsa Leu Market

A large market for locals rather than tourists, complete with all the heat and smells you can come to expect from a local Asian market. It’s a place to look at a real Cambodian market in action rather than to shop; although you may pick up a bargain in the process. Inside the market you will see the vibrant colours of the fruit and veg, various bits of animals, fish still moving awaiting their fate, fake designer clothes and jewellery. If buying clothes, remember Cambodian sizes are much smaller than western. You will need good haggling skills to get the best price. Being friendly goes a long way when haggling, and always keep smiling! A fair few street food stalls are around inside and outside if you get a bit peckish. There are also plenty of tailors around if you need anything repaired or altered. If you want a raw, dirty local market to wander through, it definitely ticks that box. Getting Here: The market is 3km from the centre of town, just get to off National Highway 6 and head east and you’ll see it on your right-hand side just off the highway. There is also a supervised carpark for 500 Riel. A tuk-tuk will charge around $5 including waiting time.

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map

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