NW Cambodia

Why Go

North West Cambodia is home to the awe-inspiring, ancient city complex of Angkor, including the world famous Angkor Wat. Although this is the main reason most people come here, the region has some great places to stay and sample a bit of rural Cambodian life.

Why Not

If you don’t like looking at temples then obviously Angkor isn’t for you - although the nearby lively town of Siem Reap might be.

To See

The ancient city of Angkor has many stunning temples in the area to make it worth staying a few days, from the mesmerising faces of Bayon to clambering through the ruins of Beng Mealea Indian Jones style. Siem Reap, the gateway town to Angkor, is a tourist bubble of chic restaurants, shops, markets and bursting with nightlife. If you’re looking for adrenaline-fuelled action, there are many superb off-road motorsports through the Cambodian countryside on offer. The North West has so much more to offer than Angkor; the relaxed city of Battambang is a great place to see a snapshot into rural Cambodian life. It's also home to the crazy bamboo train and very entertaining (animal-free) circus. While Kompang Chhnang gives you an opportunity to visit the wonderful floating villages on a local's paddle boat.

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map