Elephant Valley Project

The main goal at EVP is to give the elephants back their independence in their natural habitat, and to aim for natural behaviour. The implications of this mean trying not feeding the elephants by hand and also letting them wash themselves, only with the aid of their mahout if required, and not while swimming with visitors. So you get to see how the elephants interact with each other at bath time, rather than be in with them. It's all about enabling the elephants to act as naturally as possible, and you get to witness this close-up. The project promotes volunteering to work with them on the project. Other focus areas are on providing employment to the mahouts, providing healthcare for the 1000+ local residents of Putrom Village, funding education and forestry protection. They offer various experiences from 1 to 5 days; a 1-day tour shadowing two elephant families is $85, or $55 with volunteering for half the day. Take a look at their website for the various options. If you are in Sen Monorom, they operate out of Hefalump Cafe - Mondulkiri’s Responsible Tourism Hub. Email: evpbookings@gmail.com Tel: +855 99696041 Address: ELIE & EVP, Svay Jek Village, Sokhdom Commune, Sen Monorom Website: www.elephantvalleyproject.org/

Map of North East Cambodia

North East Cambodia-Map