Tuk-tuk, Motorbike & Taxi Tours

You can't drive within the archaeological park yourself, as all drivers must be licenced so you will need to hire a taxi driver. You can opt for a guided tour or just hire a driver and use a guide, such as the fantastic ones in GOHOBO! A licenced English speaking tour guide will be around $35 per day, in addition to your drivers rates. When you arrive in Siem Reap, the taxi to your accommodation will more than likely offer their services, as will tuk-tuks on the street and Pub Street is full of them, so no shortage of options. They are hired by the day, or for an agreed number of days for a set price. When hiring a driver keep in mind the following: - Do they speak good English? - Are they friendly and likeable? - Do you know when and for how long you want to hire them? - Does their vehicle look comfy (ask to see it)? - That any sunrise/sunsets are agreed, as it can be a long day. - The circuits (small/big) and any remote temples (which cost more) are agreed. - The total price is agreed. If all boxes are not being ticked, just leave it until they are. Drivers will not expect a payment upfront. They are usually paid on the final day but may want payment at the end of each day which is reasonable. Your driver will just let you guide yourself around the sites; they are not a tour guide. Moto-romok (tuk-tuk) A driver will charge around $15-$20 per day (including fuel and +$5 to including sunrise), for up to 4 people. The price will increase if you want to visit some of the remote temples, Beng Mealea for example which is 60km away (but worth the trip!). You can getguided tours for around $20 per day per person. Motodop (motorbike taxi) Slightly cheaper than a moto-remok at $15 per day (including fuel) if you are on your own. The advantage of a tuk-tuk is you can sit back and relax, look at your photos and check the guide. Although, you might just find being on the back of a motorbike more fun. Car taxi Around $33 per day and has the advantage of aircon and a less bumpy ride for some of the remote sites. *NOTE* - For remote temples, you will need to add extra, roughly $15 for Banteay Srei, $35 for Beng Mealea and $70 for Koh Ker. Besides just finding one on the street there are loads of 5* rated tours on Tripadvisor, so we feel that listing just a few would just be unfair.

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map