eBike (electric bike) Hire

A fun way to make your way around the temples is to hire an e-bike, which unlike a motorbike is allowed in the Angkor park. You get the freedom of a bicycle without the effort, greener than a tuk-tuk and similar speed for around the park. You can hire them for $10 per day at a few places in Siem Reap. At the recommended speed of 20km per hour you can do the temples on the big or small circuit but not the remote temples. There are 16 free charging points at various temples, so you can charge up while you walk around one of the temples or have lunch. They will give you all this information when hiring the bike. Be sure to take pictures and agree on any existing damage or scratches to the bike before taking it out. They will keep hold of your passport when you hire the bike. A couple of good rental places in Siem Reap: Green e-bike Email: info@greene-bike.com Tel: +855 95700130 Address: Opposite the Provincial Hospital, Central Market, #C12, Siem Reap Website: http://www.greene-bike.com/ Angkor Cycling Tour Email: contact@angkor-cycling-tour.com Tel: +855 636363044 Address: In front of Sala Bai, Taphul Road, Siem Reap Website: http://angkor-cycling-tour.com/

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map