Itineraries for 2 & 3 Days

Angkor City

Use the itinerary from the 'Itineraries Half & Full Day' for day one. Two Days What you do on day two depends on how much you got through on day one, and if you are doing a third day or not. This second-day tour includes more of the sites around Angkor Thom along with a trip out to the beautiful Banteay Srei. If you are not doing the third day, then you could do a combination of the sites listed here with some on the 'Outer Temples & Attractions' highlight page. However, if you are doing a third day, you could visit Banteay Srei on day three instead. This gives you a fair bit more time, so instead you can look at doing some of the items marked as *Extra* on day two. 20 - *Extra* - Srah Srang - If you love your sunrises and didn't visit here previously, this is a lovely place at sunrise with reflections on the water. Far fewer people around than its sunrise competitors. 6 - *Extra* - Bayon - If you loved Bayon but not the crowds get here early as its virtually deserted until 8am when the floods of tour buses start to arrive. 11 - *Extra* - Ta Prohm - An entirely different sunrise experience in quiet and solitude with nature around you. As the sun rises light begins to filter through the trees and the birds start to wake, providing a beautiful symphony. 24 - Banteay Srei - 28km north of Bayon, small in size but has the most stunning of all the stone carvings at Angkor. The ride through rural Cambodia to get here is also great. Good to do as your first temple of the day or just after sunrise before the tour buses arrive. 22 - Banteay Samre - A substantial complex just East out of Angkor Thom and en-route to Banteay Srei, doesn't get that many visitors. 18 - East Mebon - Built in the now dry reservoir is a comparatively plain temple with many large elephant sculptures. It's also very peaceful with minimal visitors. 17 - Ta Som - Small temple but has some enigmatic faces like Bayon, a large tree growing over the rear entrance gate and interesting carvings. A great little temple often without the crowds! 15 - Neak Pean - A nice walk down a bridge across the Preah Khan Baray (reservoir) to a tiny little temple sitting in the middle of eight pools. 14 - Preah Khan - A pleasant stroll along a path through the trees brings you to Preah Khan, a favourite temple on the big circuit. Adorned with intricate carvings and trees growing on top of the buildings. It has been stabilised but largely unrestored. 1 - *Extra* - Angkor Wat - It's nice to see the sunset within Angkor Wat from the left pond. Not as busy as sunrise or Phnom Bakheng. 2 - *Extra* - Phnom Bakeng - You can scale the temple to get a view of the sun setting over the Cambodian jungle. This place gets extremely busy. Three Days The third day you can go further afield and choose some of the superb temples in the 'Outer Temples & Attractions' highlight page. Aim to see the big two, Banteay Srei and Beng Mealea.

Map of Angkor City

Angkor City-Map