City Pillar Shrine

For centuries, this region of Thailand was part of the Khmer Empire, and Surin's City Pillar Shrine is heavily influenced by Khmer architecture. There are representations of many Hindu deities, including Siva, Vishnu, Ganesh, and Brahma,and the whole complex is in a dramatic blood red colour. The shrine contains a pillar which embodies the ethos or spirit of the local community, and it provides a focus for prayer, merit making and meditation. It was built by the Thai Fine Arts Department in 1968, although initially it did not house a pillar. A golden cassia log was brought from Kanchanaburi Province and became the city pillar in 1974. The log is 3-metres long and has a 1-metre circumference. The shrine is located in the centre of Surin on Lak Mueang Road, 500m west of city hall. If you are staying in Surin, it’s well worth a visit.

Map of North East Thailand

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