Borders with Cambodia

Entering Cambodia If you are crossing from Thailand to Cambodia, you can simply buy your Visa at the border with your passport. You do not have to purchase them in advance despite what some Thai tour operators may tell you. The official cost of a 30-day tourist visa is 30US$ and 35US$ for a business visa (multiple entry which can be easily extended). You can pay in Baht but will actually get a better rate if you pay in US$. Some ASEAN nationalities are visa-exempt. You can get your evisa in advance at, it's $30 plus $7 processing fee. Any other websites offering an evisa are a scam, so don't use them. The Thai side of the border will just stamp you out no problems if your Thai visa is valid. A few days overstay is not really a problem, just a 500 Baht per day fine that caps out at 20,000 Baht, payable at the border. The Cambodian visa form is easy to fill in and available next to the visa counter to collect yourself. Touts may be at hand to try 'help you' at various points but you really don't need their help. Two passport photos are required for the visa. A 100 Baht fee applies if you don't have 2 photos. Also note that money changers at the border claiming there is nowhere to change money in Siem Reap are not correct, and give you a poor exchange rate. Border 4 - Chong Jorm (Thailand) / O'Smach (Cambodia) Essentially links Surin in Thailand with Siem Reap. It's a very easy crossing without the queues or hassle of the Poipet border. Frequent buses run from Surin to the border and back taking around 1.5 hours. On the Cambodia side, you can get a shared taxi to Siem Reap or book in advance (see Surin Info section for more details), 2.5 hours.

Map of North East Thailand

North East Thailand-Map