Borders with Laos

Thailand has 7 borders with Laos, 6 of which you can just get a visa on arrival (VOA). It’s a very simple process when you get to the border. The Thai side of the border will just stamp you out no problems if your Thai visa is valid. A few days overstay is not really a problem, just a 500-baht per day fine that caps out at 20,000 baht, payable at the border. After stamping out of Thailand, you can fill in the form to apply for a Laos 30-day tourist visa. It costs $35 and you need one passport photo, if you don’t have one they will usually just charge you a $1 ‘fine’. Your passport also needs to be valid for at least another six months on your day of entry into Laos. Some ASEAN countries are exempt and do not need to pay anything. There is also a list of countries that are not allowed to apply for VOA and must apply in advance; this is mainly African and Cental Asian countries. For a full list check this link All the following borders in North East Thailand allow VOA (Thailand / Laos): 1. Ban Na Kra Seng (known as Tha Li) / Nam Heuang 2. Nong Khai / Vientiane (Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge No. 1) 3. Nakon Phanom / Tha Khaek 4. Mukdaharn / Savannakhet (Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge No.2) 5. Chong Mek / Ban Vangtao

Map of North East Thailand

North East Thailand-Map